A New Era for Marketing and Promotions

Social Media JobsWhen it comes to marketing, jobs in social media offer specific skill sets for promoting a business. Work in this field has given public relations a new spin in the digital age. You might want to consider the different jobs available to see which ones best fit your interest.

Social media networking jobs help build connections to a business website to increase and attract a wider scope of interest beyond a local market. The networking capability of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help spread the word quickly about sales and promotions, both on a national and international level.

Social media marketing jobs work to promote business interests. This could entail reminders about upcoming events on Facebook or Twitter or regular promotions offering links back to a company website. The goal of these online messages is to gain “likes” or “shares” on Facebook, “repinning” on Pinterest or “retweets” on Twitter. This work also may involve using email to build contact lists in the media and in peer work groups.

Social media manager jobs require someone who is organized. Employers also seek those who can stay ahead of trends in this field to maximize online reach and outperform the competition. Often, these managers organize a calendar with daily tasks set aside to create and generate promotions through regular social media tools. They also may generate podcasts or video uploads that can spark further interest and perhaps go viral online, leading to more leads and potential business.

Social media job salaries largely can depend on where you live in the United States or in the rest of the world. Beyond location, pay also is determined based on your responsibilities and abilities. Copywriters can make entry-level salaries up to mid-level paychecks, while managers may draw six-figure salaries. Bigger checks also may mean longer days, such as being on call 24/7 for any updates or technical site emergencies online.

Social media job opportunities depend on your skills and your local market. You may want to receive additional training for Web 2.0 practices so that you can offer to an employer information technology skills as well as social media expertise. Extra training can put you ahead of the competition and on track for a successful career in social media marketing.